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        Just updating everyone regarding the studio's operating schedule and guidelines in light of the COVID19 situation. We have started to accept clients again but limited to 2 artists & 2 clients each per day to lessen foot traffic at the shop . This also gives us enough time to thoroughly deep clean before and after each client. We assure everyone that we take the additional safety measures  to our usual sanitation and protocols and we are trained in dealing with cross contamination, allergic reactions, skin infections and other blood-borne diseases related to tattooing. We also sanitize the whole shop with our own hospital grade UVC lamp before closing. That way we are sure the studio is clean the next day and no more radiation will be present. 




  •  All clients are strictly by appointment and strictly no walk-ins allowed. 

  • Please come alone or if you really need someone to come with you, please limit to 1 only so we can still practice social distancing and limit foot traffic in the shop.

  • If possible, come to the shop freshly showered and straight from your home. 

  • Wear your mask at all times. Face and Nose completely covered.  

  • As soon as you arrive the shop, please wash/disinfect your hands. There will be a station by the door so you can disinfect and wash your hands or at the restroom before going inside. 

  • No shoes allowed. Please bring a pair of socks to use inside the shop.

  • Bring your own water bottle/beverage. 

  • If you or any of your family at home have any symptoms or is feeling under the weather, or if you are scheduled for contact tracing, please be honest and reschedule! We don't want to risk bringing home any virus to our children. I hope you understand! 

  • Contactless payment transactions are encouraged. Payments will be thru BDO//Gcash/Paymaya. 


This is a very sad time for us tattooers since we can't really work remotely and has zero support from the government. Tattooing is also very intimate and there is no way we can maintain social distancing with the client. I hope you all understand the modified rules we have to maintain during this trying time so we can also protect each other and our community. 


Thank you so much and stay safe and sane!


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