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The following is a simple guideline, remember everyone has a different skin type and this may not work for you if you have sensitive skin type.

  1. Keep the Tegaderm on for 24hrs. If we just used cling film take it off after 2-4 hours. 

  2. The next day - Have a shower and wash thoroughly because all of that weepy, blood, excess ink will be all contained inside the film. 

  3. Pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel

  4. Make sure to keep your pets away from your fresh tattoo

  5. Avoid touching or letting anyone touch your piece with dirty/unwashed hands.

  6. Wear loose fabric or no fabric over the tattooed area!

  7. Stay out of direct sun on the area as much as possible.

  8. When applying cream, do it once a day - if that!

    Use the cream to settle itchy-ness and when the tattoo area is dry, use a small amount and make sure it's all rubbed in before putting fabric near the area. Do NOT smother your tattoo!

  9. Avoid sweating near the area of your new tattoo for at least one week. Wash after sweating.

  10. Just make sure to keep it clean without over thinking it too much.


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